When implementing its solidarity activities, the Ministère de Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF) gives priority to partnerships with civil society organizations. In doing so, it is able to take advantage of existing experience and resources.

Québec ICOs

Québec partners of the MRIF are international cooperation organizations (ICOs) that:

  • are headquartered in Québec; or
  • have a Québec office with the authority to select, manage and take action in developing countries.

Most of these organizations are members of a Québec association of ICOs known as the Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI), which is a major partner of theMRIF in its international solidarity activities. Other ICOs that are not members of the AQOCI are also key partners of the MRIF, including:

Québec ICOs

primarily pursue the goal of human development, cooperation and international solidarity. They are active in a number of southern countries and provide significant funding to projects that are completed by support from the MRIF. They contribute from their own resources (through public fundraising campaigns) or from the support of other donors.

In Québec, there are over sixty organizations that the MRIF works with in order to implement:

  • development projects
  • international solidarity fieldwork projects
  • activities that raise public awareness in Québec about development issues.

Partners in southern countries

The international solidarity activities supported by the MRIF are the result of a partnership between an ICO and a partner in a southern country.

The partners in the southern countries

are local non-profit organizations that help develop local populations. They are:

  • local NGOs
  • cooperatives
  • farming organizations
  • women's groups
  • etc.

Partners in the southern countries define the needs of the home communities that are targeted by the projects and acts as the principle contractor of the projects in the field. They generally provide financial support or services while initiatives are being implemented.

Other Québec partners

Québec civil society organizations (syndicates, educational institutions, social economic organizations, etc.) have a great deal of experience in working in developing countries. These organizations develop partnerships with the ICOs. Due to the know-how they possess, they are able to transfer their expertise to the organizations and populations targeted by the solidarity efforts.

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