Recognition of professional Qualifications

Detailed information about the Agreement

Nature of the Agreement

The Québec-France Agreement is considered to be an “important international commitment” within the meaning of section 22.2 of the Act respecting the Ministère des Relations internationales. By virtue of this Agreement, Québec and France have agreed to adopt a common procedure and implement it via their respective legislation.

The Québec-France Agreement:

  • is derived from the European directive and Québec legislation regarding professions, functions and trades;
  • facilitates access to the job market but does not give automatic access to it. Other mechanisms, which vary from one government to another, regulate labour-market entry;
  • is not an international trade treaty. It is also not an Agreement modifying immigration rules or rules pertaining to security checks that apply to the entry of foreign nationals.
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Guiding principles

  • Protect public health and safety
  • Maintain the quality of professional services
  • Equity, transparency and reciprocity
  • Compliance with French-language standards
  • Efficacy of mutual recognition of professional competence
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Target groups

The Agreement applies to all professions, functions and regulated trades in Québec and France. It is aimed at individuals who have obtained evidence certifying successful completion of formal training in their profession or regulated trade and who are legally authorized to practise in Québec or France.

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The Agreement targets four broad objectives:

  • Attract qualified people who practise a profession, function or regulated trade;
  • Speed up recognition of workers' professional competence;
  • Boost the international competitiveness of Québec-based and French businesses;
  • Help meet manpower needs in Québec and France.
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In addition to allowing people to obtain the legal right to practise their profession or trade in the other territory, mutual recognition of professional competence is designed to:

  • Accelerate access to professions and regulated trades.
  • Facilitate the mobility of qualified workers who were formerly refused the right to practise their profession or trade even after obtaining visas and permits to work in the other territory.
  • Enable applicants to obtain employment more quickly without having to go back to school, as was formerly the case.
  • Allow candidates to find out about access criteria and timelines, in advance.
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Under the direction of the Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie, all of the professional orders and both commissions responsible for regulated trades in Québec, in collaboration with various Québec government departments, are front-line players in implementing the Agreement.

The main milestones in the implementation of the Agreement since it was signed in 2008 are as follows.

Signing of the Agreement

For representatives of professions and regulated trades in Québec, the October 2008 signing of the Agreement marked the start of extensive efforts to reach mutual recognition arrangements (MRAs) with their French counterparts.

Representatives of a number of Québec professions and trades have applied the common procedure for recognizing professional competence (chart, 32 KB) in order to determine whether an MRA can be signed.

Adoption of Bill 3

Bill 3 (“Act to provide for the implementation of the Entente entre le Québec et la France en matière de reconnaissance mutuelle des qualifications professionnelles and similar agreements”), adopted in June 2009, instituted the legislative amendments required to implement MRAs. By virtue of these amendments, Québec professional orders and trades have the necessary tools and flexibility to recognize professional competence.

Regulatory amendments

Further to the adoption of Bill 3, the competent authorities for each profession or trade for which an MRA is signed draft regulations enabling implementation of the MRA. Once the legislative and regulatory amendments for implementing the MRA in each territory come into effect, the process is complete.

Find out the effective date for an MRA:


If you have questions about the Québec-France Agreement or mutual recognition arrangements (MRAs), visit the website of Immigration Québec (in french).

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