Agreements and commitments

more than 700 agreements made with nearly 80 countries and federates states

As a federated state, Québec makes international agreements with sovereign states or their members. The Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie acts on its own behalf and on behalf of the government of Québec to sign agreements that benefit everyone in the province.

The Ministry’s role is to coordinate negotiations between the parties. It also consolidates the government of Québec’s initial position, keeps international agreements coherent, facilitates negotiations between parties when not negotiating on the government’s behalf, and writes agreements.

The agreements are then implemented by the relevant governmental ministries.

Types of agreements

  • International agreements
    Agreements made with a foreign government or international organization.
  • Non-binding agreements
    Category that covers various types of declarations of intent, joint statements, joint press releases and reports of discussions.
  • Multilateral conventions
    Agreements that involve several parties at once. They are generally initiated by international organizations whose members include many sovereign states, including Canada.
  • Canadian accords
    Agreements made by the federal government with foreign partners in areas that fall under Québec’s constitutional jurisdiction.
  • Agreements - International non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
    Agreements made with international NGOs that want to open offices in Québec, meet strict criteria and are active in areas of particular interest to Québec.

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