Thrusts of Québec’s International Policy


Mobility and Youth

  • Increase the mobility of people through:
    • The strategic contribution of permanent and temporary immigration, including the recognition of immigrants’ skills and credentials;
    • Youth and student mobility.
  • Implement a new international strategy to promote educational opportunities in Québec.

Trade Relations

Trade Policy

  • Defend Québec’s priority interests in all trade negotiations involving the Government of Canada, notably by participating in the negotiating team, and with a view to protecting culture and cultural industries, intellectual property, the environment and Québec’s specificity in matters of agriculture and food security.
  • Influence Canadian trade policy by encouraging the negotiation of new trade agreements with countries likely to offer significant opportunities for Québec industries.
  • Raise more awareness among Québec businesses of the opportunities provided by trade agreements.

Internationalization of Québec Companies

  • Provide Québec exporters with flexible, needs-oriented support in order to:
    • Strengthen their export capacity and facilitate project implementation;
    • Help them successfully integrate into global value chains and the digital economy.
  • Promote Québec’s sectors of excellence and industries on international markets.
  • Help align product and service offerings with international market opportunities.
  • Deploy resources and initiatives to maintain traditional markets and develop new ones.

Foreign Investment and Decision Centres

  • Better coordinate efforts to attract foreign investment to Québec and work to attract, retain, and expand international decision centres.

Responsible Prosperity

  • Take part in international efforts to further the responsible, coordinated regulation of financial markets and work in concert with the Government of Canada to enhance international cooperation with a view to tackling tax problems engendered by globalization.
  • Showcase exemplary Québec sustainable development practices that tangibly impact integration of the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of development.
  • Promote the continuous improvement of public services in Québec by encouraging monitoring, benchmarking, peer review and sectoral cooperation with relevant international forums, as well as with states faced with similar challenges or recognized for excellence in public policy.


  • In the face of protectionist tendencies, Québec will reiterate its commitment to building economic partnerships that boost prosperity and enable social progress.
  • Given the fundamental role played by human capital in creating prosperity, one major objective of the policy is to boost the international mobility of workers, young people, researchers, entrepreneurs, artists and students.
  • The government will support the efforts of Québec companies to expand internationally, including their integration into global value chains.
  • Québec will pay close attention to efforts aimed at tackling tax problems created by globalization, including difficulties related to the taxation of e-commerce and to international tax evasion.
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The Fight Against Climate Change, Energy Transition and the Environment

  • Establish international partnerships that help reduce GHG emissions and encourage carbon pricing.
  • Promote Québec products, services and expertise in clean technology, renewable energy, and transportation electrification.
  • Contribute to global efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change, giving priority support to the most vulnerable francophone nations.
  • Promote initiatives in sustainable water and biodiversity management.

Northern and Arctic Affairs

  • Establish and bolster ties with government and non-government actors in the northern and Arctic regions, including through active participation in the leading international forums dedicated to northern and Arctic issues.
  • Promote Québec’s expertise in sustainable northern development and foster joint international initiatives and the sharing of best practices in the field, especially with the northern regions of Europe and North America.

International Solidarity

  • Support Québec solidarity initiatives that are consistent with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in francophone Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and help implement predictable, stable, and diversified funding mechanisms.
  • Help Québec international cooperation organizations develop expertise in areas such as global citizenship education, health and safety and gender equality.
  • Bolster Québec’s commitment to providing emergency assistance to the victims of natural disasters and humanitarian crises, especially in the world’s most vulnerable countries.

Human Rights and Freedoms, Democracy and Rule of Law

  • Uphold Québec’s commitment to human rights and freedoms, the rule of law and democracy through political interventions, advocacy and the sharing of expertise.
  • Position Québec’s democratic institutions within the Francophonie and other relevant forums so as to encourage their contribution to democratic governance and capacity building and the advancement of human rights and freedoms.
  • Maintain Québec’s commitment to refugee resettlement and integration.


  • Work closely with North American partners to prevent security risks while at the same time promoting the efficient movement of people and goods.
  • Pursue efforts to establish and maintain cooperation mechanisms and share expertise in the areas of emergency management, prevention, investigation and prosecution.
  • Establish and strengthen international partnerships in response to threats such as transnational organized crime and radicalization leading to violence.
  • Bolster cybersecurity cooperation.


  • Québec will consolidate its leadership in matters of climate diplomacy.
  • Given its geographical situation and exper-tise, Québec will strengthen its ties with actors in the Nordic and Arctic region.
  • Québec will increase its international solidarity initiatives as well as its support for organizations involved in cooperation and global citizenship education.
  • Québec will step up its promotion of human rights and freedoms, notably with respect to gender equality and the rights and freedoms of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people.
  • Québec will strengthen cooperation mechanisms in order to ensure the effective management of risks related to security, including radicalization leading to violence and cybercrime.
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Research, Innovation and Knowledge Development

  • Extend access to major international strategic networks and sources of financing for key Québec innovation actors while encouraging the mobility and hosting of researchers.
  • Promote excellence in research and innovation in relation to major global issues and government priorities.


  • Support Québec arts organizations, cultural enterprises, artists and writers in their efforts to develop international markets.
  • Step up international cultural partnerships and cooperation initiatives with a view to promoting reciprocal cultural exchanges.
  • Champion Québec culture, creativity and artistic excellence on the international stage and promote Québec as a global travel destination.
  • Ensure effective implementation of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and promote its principles and objectives.

French Language

  • Promote and develop La Francophonie in the Americas and around the world and encourage the use of French in international institutions and organizations.
  • Showcase Québec’s expertise in language policy and the development of French language knowledge tools, promote Québec studies, and ensure that Québec’s linguistic and cultural specificity is fostered in such a way as to facilitate the attainment of Québec’s international objectives.


  • Excellence in culture and science and their enrichment through exchanges are a major objective of the policy and are intimately related to the international image that Québec seeks to project.
  • Active membership in the Francophonie and promoting Québec’s specificity in terms of language and culture are transversal elements of the policy, and will serve as an overall guide in the pursuit of its objectives.
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