Le Protocole of the Government of Québec was created by the government of Premier Daniel Johnson in preparation for receiving foreign dignitaries who were coming to participate in the Montréal World Fair in 1967. The first Chief of Protocol was appointed in 1966.

From the very outset, a first order of precedence specific to Québec was proposed. A team of counsellors was then set up to address a considerable workload in terms of official visits and ceremonies. During Expo 67, Québec received visits from several heads of state, heads of government and other dignitaries who had come to represent their governments.

The Government of Québec has always recognized the importance of Le Protocole. Over the years, its role has evolved and been refined. Today, a seasoned team of some fifteen people work for this department under the Chief of Protocol.

Le Protocole of the Government of Québec is administratively attached to the Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie. It is not to be confused with the Protocol of the National Assembly, whose primary mission concerns the legislative branch.

Le Protocole of the Government of Québec

Protocol of the National Assembly


  • Welcoming heads of state or government, members of a government, government representatives and representatives of international organizations during visits to Québec
  • Missions abroad by the Premier and cabinet members
  • State ceremonial (executive branch)


  • Welcoming foreign parliamentarians during visits to Québec
  • Overseas missions by Québec parliamentarians
  • Parliamentary ceremonial (legislative branch)

Le Protocole also provides support to other Government of Québec departments and organizations. As warranted, it fulfills an advisory role in sectoral activities, whether for preparing missions or answering questions in matters of protocol (flag etiquette/protocol, order of precedence, statements, table plans, etc.).

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