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Political relations

Political relations between Québec and this region of Belgium are ongoing. Each year, political representatives undertake visits on both sides of the Atlantic.

At the institutional level, Québec and the Brussels-Capital Region signed a cooperation agreement in September 2002 that covered all of the BCR’s areas of jurisdiction but focused primarily on preventing urban insecurity and combating antisocial behaviour, as well as on scientific research, the economy, employment, urban revitalization, the environment and foreign trade.

Québec has been represented in Brussels by a General Delegation since 1972. The BCR has maintained a trade office in Montréal since 1998.

Main areas of collaboration


Developing economic relations between Québec and the BCR is among the priority objectives of the new Québec/Brussels-Capital Region Cooperation Agreement, especially since the region is home to many economic and trade association headquarters as well as to the offices of several Belgian and foreign companies.

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