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Political relations

In 1989, both parties signed a general cooperation agreement targeting the economic, scientific, technological, educational, cultural, social, and environmental sectors. The agreement was renewed in 2002. The Joint Commission for Cooperation meets every two years to determine which projects the two governments will support.

Moreover, since 2008, high-level political meetings have also made it possible to strengthen Québec’s ties with Flanders. 2015 was particularly productive in terms of scientific and political exchanges between the two societies. The Québec-Flanders Standing Committee on Cooperation, which met on December 22, 2015, approved 13 cooperation projects in the environmental research, health and maritime sectors. The projects will continue until 2018.

Québec has been represented in Brussels by a General Delegation since 1972. The Flemish Region has maintained a Trade Office in Montréal since 1992.

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