Political and institutional relations

Relations between Québec and Spain are relatively recent. With the exception of a some trade with Catalonia, which dates back to the early 80s, and the 1983 cooperation agreement with the Autonomous Community of Madrid (now inactive) primarily concerning medical training, relations with Spain took on some importance starting in 1992 with Québec's participation in the Canada Pavilion at the Universal Exposition of Seville, and official visits to Spain by Québec's Minister of International Affairs in November 1993 and the Minister for Industry and trade in February 1997.

In March 1999, the Premier of Québec inaugurated the Québec Government Office in Barcelona during a visit to Catalonia.

In January 2001, the Québec Premier's mission to Madrid led to the establishment of a first direct relationship with the president of the Autonomous Community of Madrid and was the occasion to announce a major investment of C$700 million in INTERQUISA, a subsidiary of Spanish energy group CEPSA, for the construction of a purified terephthalic acid plant in east-end Montréal. Société générale de financement (SGF) and Investissement Québec are partners in this project.

In September 2009, the Minister of International Relations and Minister Responsible for the Francophonie carried out a mission to Madrid, where he resumed relations with the Autonomous Community of Madrid by meeting with its president, and with the Spanish government by meeting with the Foreign Secretary and the Trade Secretary.

Then, in October 2011, the Premier of Québec, accompanied by the Minister of International Relations and the Minister Responsible for the Francophonie, conducted a mission to Spain where he promoted the Plan Nord at conferences for business audiences (Madrid and Barcelona) and met with the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and the president of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. This mission renewed relations with the Government of Spain and the region of Madrid.

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