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17 Apr 2012

Chinese investors interested in the Plan Nord

<div id="agrandir" style="cursor:hand;font-size:10px;color:grey;/*margin-top:-1em;*/" onclick="popup.open('http://www.mri.gouv.qc.ca/PDF/actualites/IMG_Shandong_500.jpg')"><i>Click to enlarge</i></div> <span style="font-size:10px;color:grey;/*margin-top:-1em;*/">Cai Limin, Vice Governor of Shandong Province, (centre) and Chinese dignitaries are seen here with Premier Charest, Mr. Hamad and Ms. Gagnon-Tremblay </span>

At Premier Charest’s invitation during his mission in China in August 2011 to promote the Plan Nord, a group of business professionals accompanied Cai Limin, Vice Governor of Shandong province, on his mission in Québec from April 4 to 6.

Meeting with Québec businesses

The 17 representatives from Shandong's business world, mostly from the sectors of natural resources and energy, learned more about Québec's leading sectors. Other items on the schedule in Montreal included a networking activity that introduced the Chinese group to over thirty businesses in Québec, such as Ecotech and 48e Nord, and an industrial tour of Rio Tinto. The MDEIE, the MRNF and Investissement Québec all worked together on this program.

Cooperation with the Musée de la civilisation

The mission continued to Quebec City, where Vice Governor Limin spoke with Premier Charest and ministers Monique Gagnon-Tremblay and Sam Hamad. The Plan Nord and various areas of collaboration were at the centre of the discussions. Mr. Limin also would like to increase trade between Québec and Shandong in the aerospace, biopharmaceutical and marine science sectors.

The program in Quebec City also included a seminar on the Plan Nord, a networking activity with business representatives and a visit to the Chaudière electrical power station. In addition, the Vice Governor visited the Musée de la Civilisation, which could lead to potential joint initiatives with the Shandong Museum.

Special ties between Québec and Shandong

It should be noted that China is one of Québec’s priority partners. Since the signing of the joint declaration in 2005, relations between the two governments have continued to strengthen. In fact, Shandong is one of the provinces with the largest GDP and population in China.

Québec-China relations
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