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30 Jul 2013

Montréal multimedia projection on façade of Sagrada Família

Marta Almirall, Director, Institute of Culture of Barcelona; Susan Ellefsen, Head, Cultural Development Department, City of Montréal; Maria-Jesús Bronchal, Québec Office in Barcelona; and Jacques Renaud, producer of the Montréal multimedia show to be projected on the façade of Sagrada Família.

Montréal will be the guest of honour at La Mercè Festival celebrating Barcelona’s patron saint, the Virgin of Mercy. The Festival will be held from September 21 to 24, 2012, in the capital city of Catalonia. The people of Barcelona, and others, will be treated to a multimedia projection on the façade of Sagrada Família, the celebrated cathedral designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

A colourful event

The show presented by the City of Montréal will meld light, images, sound, music and digital technology in a montage that will showcase the talent and creativity of Québec artists. It will be projected four times a day at sunset. At the presentation of Mercè 2012 to media representatives, Barcelona Municipal Councillor in charge of Cultural Affairs Jaume Ciurana said he was convinced that the multimedia extravaganza would be a hit with the public.

Barcelona Mayor Xavier Trias thanked Montréal for its participation in the Festival celebrating Barcelona’s patron saint. He also used the occasion to introduce Susan Ellefsen, the Head of Montréal’s Cultural Development Department.

Excellent relations

This event was made possible by the excellent relations between representatives of the Québec Government Office in Barcelona (BQB) and those of the City of Barcelona. The selection of Montréal as the guest city at Mercè 2012 was the product of the tireless work by BQB to promote Québec culture and political and institutional relations with its Catalan partners.

Québec Government Office in Barcelona
Mercè 2012 Barcelona (Spanish)

Xavier Trias, Mayor of Barcelona; Jaume Plensa, creator of the La Mercè poster; Susan Ellefsen, City of Montréal; and Jaume Ciurana, Municipal Councillor in charge of Cultural Affairs for Barcelona

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