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8 Aug 2013

Québec well represented at video game conference in Seattle

Ten Québec companies participated in the Casual Connect Conference held in Seattle July 24 to 26 in order to promote their expertise in casual games and establish new business ties.

The Conference produced by the Casual Games Association is the largest in North America in this sector, which has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Nearly 3,000 professionals, experts, producers and service suppliers attended.

Québec was represented by the following companies:

  • Bug Tracker
  • Enzyme
  • Frima Studio
  • Fugitive Interactive
  • Gamerizon
  • Hibernum
  • Mammoth Entertainment
  • Meridian 4
  • TakeOff CHS
  • Ubisoft

The Québec Government Office in Los Angeles and Investissement Québec were actively involved in organizing the mission. The Consulate General of Canada in Seattle, in partnership with the Government of Québec, also organized a networking activity to promote Québec and Canadian expertise in this sector.

The video game industry in Québec

The Québec digital entertainment industry is comprised of over 80 companies specializing in game development, publishing, production services, software and middleware. These companies employ 7,000 people, in addition to the many indirect jobs they generate. The core of the industry is composed of some fifty development studios that alone employ 5,000 workers.

Casual games

Casual games are video games for the mass audience of casual gamers and are typically distinguished by the lack of commitment required and the simple rules. Unlike other types of games, they targeted all types of players of all ages and backgrounds, although typically older and more often women.

Casual games generally cost less to produce and distribute. Solitaire is considered the first major casual game success story. Initially developed for personal computers, these games are now mainly played on cellphones, which are perfectly adapted for short, simple games.

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