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28 Nov 2013

SHQ signs collaboration agreement in Rome

From left to right: Giovanni Bilancia, Ruggero Zen, Amalia Daniela Renosto, John MacKay, Nadia Scappatici and Sébastien Olivier

On November 15, at the Québec government office in Rome, John MacKay, President and CEO of the Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ), signed an important technical collaboration agreement concerning wood-based construction of social and community housing with the Istituto Trentino Edilizia Abitativa (ITEA), a corporation under the aegis of the autonomous Italian province of Trento, also known as Trentino.

The ITEA and the SHQ have agreed to build pilot housing projects in Québec and Italy, with a view to sharing expertise and comparing environmentally responsible construction methods. The agreement will enable them to improve their wood-construction techniques and make maximum use of this renewable resource.

Wood-framed structures built in Québec are known around the world for their good earthquake resistance and swift construction. Cross-laminated timber (CLT) techniques have recently been introduced to Québec, and Québec experts are interested in Italian expertise in this area. CLT enables the production of components that are as resistant as but lighter than concrete.

The methods developed under the agreement for measuring the carbon footprint of buildings and the ensuing calculations will enable a comparison of the carbon footprints of the Italian and Québec building systems used for the pilot projects.

Italy is home to a network of dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises. In many cases, their operations are complementary to those of Québec companies.

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