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3 Apr 2013

Fête de la Francophonie celebrated in Brazil

David Giguère and Camille Poliquin during a performance in Curitiba, the capital of Paraná

The Fête internationale de la Francophonie was celebrated in various Brazilian cities at the initiative of the Québec Government Office in São Paulo, consulates of Francophone countries and partner institutions.

The Director of the Québec Government Office in São Paulo, Élise Racicot, delivered the opening address alongside the Director of Serviço Social do Comércio de São Paulo (SESC-SP), Danilo Santos de Miranda, at an activity on March 30 in São Paulo. They both underscored the importance of the French language for Québec and Brazil, especially in the cultural field, before over 200 guests, actors and leading figures from various sectors.

The events on the program included a tour by Québec author-songwriter-singer David Giguère, who gave concerts in many cities, including São Paulo, in partnership with SESC-SP, one of the largest cultural broadcasters in Brazil, Brasilia and Curitiba, the capital of Paraná. Some 1,000 people had an opportunity to attend his intimate piano recitals accompanied by singer Camille Poliquin.

In addition to music, Québec francophone culture was represented by films hitherto unknown to the Brazilian public such as the hits Café de Flore and Monsieur Lazhar and by plays, with the excellent interpretation by actress Julie Vincent in Jocaste by Montréal theatre company Singulier Pluriel.

Pleased with the success of this most recent version of the Fête de la Francophonie, the Québec Government Office in São Paulo and its partners pledged to continue this annual rendezvous with the Brazilian public.

Maurice Nahory, Director, Alliance Française de São Paulo;
Élise Racicot, Director, Québec Government Office in São Paulo;
Julie Vincent, Actress; and
Marc Boisson, Cultural Director, Alliance Française de São Paulo

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