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14 May 2013

Cultural mission to Haiti bolsters ties with Québec

Maka Kotto with Josette Darguste, Haitian Minister of Culture, during Les Rencontres québécoises en Haïti (photo Joëlle Bernard, MCC).

Québec’s Minister of Culture and Communications, Maka Kotto, is pleased with the results of his cultural mission to Haiti, held from May 4 to 6.

At the invitation of Josette Darguste, Haitian Minister of Culture, Maka Koto took part in an event called Les Rencontres québécoises en Haïti (“Québec meetings in Haiti”), focusing on literature, books and publishing, along with a large Québec delegation made up of over 30 writers and publishing industry professionals.

In addition to speaking with Minister Darguste, Maka Kotto met with Pierre-Richard Casimir, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Rose Anne Auguste, Minister responsible for human rights and the eradication of extreme poverty, and Chantal Moreno, Director of the Caribbean regional office of the Organisation international de la Francophonie (OIF).

Presided by author Dany Laferrière, Les Rencontres québécoises en Haïti was organized by Mémoire d'encrier and Québec Édition. The purpose of the event was to:

  • facilitate the circulation of Québec books
  • promote networking between authors, booksellers and publishers in Québec and Haiti

Supported by the Ministère des Relations internationales, de la Francophonie et du Commerce extérieur (MRIFCE), this major initiative was aligned with the objectives set forth in a joint declaration on cooperation in the areas of culture and communications.

Signed by the governments of Québec and Haiti during the 2008 Francophone Summit in Québec City, the declaration is aimed at expanding opportunities for collaboration between the two nations.

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