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14 May 2013

Saint-Malo opens its arms to Québec talent!

Maison du Québec in Saint-Malo, inaugurated in 1984

The Maison du Québec in Saint-Malo will be open from May 8 to August 31, 2013. It will host cultural events featuring music, cinema, theatre, dance, literature and much more, and will give tourists and Saint-Malo residents alike the chance to discover Québec culture all summer long.

A symbol of friendship, this historic house was made available to the Government of Québec by the city of Saint-Malo. It is a reminder that it was from this port city that Jacques Cartier embarked on his crossing of the Atlantic in 1534, setting the stage for the dawn of New France. The Maison du Québec in Saint-Malo was inaugurated in 1984 in the presence of the Premier at the time, René Lévesque.

It is run by the Québec Government Office in Paris. Every day, except Tuesdays, two Québec staffers welcome the public and provide all the information needed to organize a stay in Québec, whether for pleasure, work or study.

A host of exciting activities

The 2013 Québec in Saint-Malo season was kicked off at the Théâtre Chateaubriand, a stone’s throw from the Maison du Québec, with a concert by Trio BBQ. This Québec trio wowed the enthusiastic audience with their innovative take on Gypsy jazz.

Several other events are also lined up for the summer, including:

  • Film screenings with the support of the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles - SODEC (Liverpool, Camion, Omertà, Roméo Onze and Esimésac)
  • Québec authors at the Festival Étonnants voyageurs (Ryad Assani-Razaki, Naomi Fontaine, Natali Fortier, Dany Laferrière, Catherine Mavrikakis, Laure Morali, Marie-Hélène Poitras, Eric Plamondon, Rodney Saint-Eloi and Kim Thúy)
  • Celebration of the Fête nationale du Québec (a folk music show by Jimmy Rouleau, tasting and sale of Québec regional products, family activities, etc.)
  • Week-ends de la jeune scène québécoise, organized in partnership with the Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse (theatre performances, musical creations, song, dance and classical guitar)

“For nearly thirty years now, Québec has occupied its summer quarters in Saint-Malo. This privilege granted by the City of Saint-Malo is an opportunity to celebrate the deep historic and personal ties that bind Quebecers to Saint-Malo residents,” said Québec’s Delegate General in Paris, Michel Robitaille, at the official opening.

Maison du Québec in Saint-Malo (in French)
2013 detailed activity program (in French)
Québec Government Office in Paris
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