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15 May 2014

Companies reconnoitre the medical sector in China

Québec company representatives as well as the economic advisors from Export Québec and the Québec Government Office in Shanghai in front of the Québec booth

Export Québec, in collaboration with the Québec Government Office in Shanghai, organized a trade mission in April that enabled six Québec companies to participate in the China International Medical Equipment Fair 2013 (CMEF), the largest such event in the Asia-Pacific region. CMEF was held in Shenzhen, a city in the Hong Kong suburbs with over 10 million inhabitants.

The company representatives had a full agenda during the mission:

  • A program of one-to-one business meetings with potential customers and partners
  • A seminar promoting Québec and its expertise for a target clientele
  • Networking activities
  • Some twenty conferences and workshops

The economic advisers from the Québec Office were also on hand to assist the companies, facilitate meetings, identify business opportunities and act as interpreters and intermediaries.

Over 10,000 products on show

Some 50,000 visitors flocked to the large exhibit hall to examine over 10,000 products presented by 2,680 exhibitors in fields as varied as medical imaging, first aid, electronics and photonics, in vitro diagnostics and medical technologies.

The Québec companies were all assembled under the umbrella of the Québec booth, which made it quicker to identify them and created a group synergy that facilitated discussions and meetings with future customers.

Positive results

Based on their comments, the participants were very satisfied with their business meetings, and some have already received promising offers from Chinese partners.

Automated Tracking and Management System was asked to install its medical instrument tracking software in the operating rooms of a Shanghai hospital. It will serve as a demonstration system for other Chinese hospitals.

Purkinje, which specializes in electronic health records, met a partner interested in distributing its product on various markets, including the Chinese market.

The participation of FISO Technologies, which manufacturers fibre optic sensors and probes, allowed the company to better understand the medical material sector in China and consider exporting its products there in the future.

In addition, during the Québec promotion seminar, Sologlobe, which specializes in material management solutions for warehousing and distribution operations, enjoyed considerable success during the presentation to over 70 Chinese professionals and entrepreneurs of its services for the medical sector.

The Chinese market …

Chinese companies are not always able to produce and furnish enough hi-tech medical equipment to meet domestic demand. In fact, over 90% of hi-tech medical equipment and products are imported, making China a very promising market for Québec.

Québec Government Office in Shanghai
China International Medical Equipment Fair 2013

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