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21 May 2013

Québec studies alive and well in Washington State

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Québec was showcased at Western Washington University (WWU) in April. This year’s edition of Québec Week@WWU celebrated the 10-year partnership between Québec and this university in northern Washington State.

The goal of the event, which is organized every year by the Center for Canadian American Studies in collaboration with the Québec Government Office in Los Angeles, is to raise awareness among the academic community of the importance of bilateral relations between Québec and the United States.

Alain Houde, the Québec Government Representative in Los Angeles, gave a presentation entitled “Climate Change in North America: A Québec View” before an attentive audience of students and professors. Washington State is, moreover, known for its environmental leadership in the United States and is one of Québec’s key allies in the fight against climate change.

WWU is home to one of only two Canadian studies centers in the United States that receive a federal government grant.

Visiting Québec professor

The Government of Québec grants a bursary each year to enable a professor to continue his or her research at WWU and to give presentations on Québec-related issues.

Julie Dufort, a Ph.D. candidate in political science and a research fellow at the UQAM Raoul-Dandurand Chair of Strategic and Diplomatic Studies was selected to teach the Québec Politics and US Relations course.

Support for Québec studies

The Government of Québec has promoted and supported Québec studies and research on Québec in the United States for over 30 years. Each year, hundreds of American professors teach and thousands of American students learn about different aspects of Québec society, ranging from culture and literature to politics, the economy and the environment. In this way, they actively contribute to fostering a greater awareness and better understanding of Québec in the United States.

Québec Government Office in Los Angeles
WWU - Center for Canadian American Studies

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