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4 Jun 2013

All spotlights on Québec documentaries in Munich

Daniel Sponsel, Director, DOK.fest Munich; Elke Walthelm, SkyDeutschland; Sylvain L'Espérance, winner of the international competition; and Nicolas Humbert, member of the jury (photo: DOK.fest/Maren Willkomm)

Québec documentary filmmaker Sylvain L’Espérance won the international competition award at DOK.fest 2013 in Munich, which was held from May 8 to 15. The VIKTOR DOK.international award, which comes with a 10,000 Euro cash prize, was presented to him for his film Sur le rivage du monde (Standing on the Edge of the World).

This success crowned the 2013 edition of the festival, which put Québec documentaries in the spotlight since Québec was the guest of honour in the DOK.guest section.

The judges applaud the extraordinary talent of the winner

Sur le rivage du monde portrays black African emigrants in their futile attempt to reach Europe and who meet in Bamako, Mali.

The jury applauded the fact that the film dealt with one of the greatest problems of our time, that of illegal immigration. Ten directors from Bangladesh, the United States, the Netherlands, Japan and elsewhere competed for the VIKTOR DOK.international award in 2013.

Québec makes its mark

The DOK.guest Québec section featured five films, some being shown for the first time in Europe. The film Ma vie réelle by Magnus Isacsson opened the Québec special to a packed house.

Charles Villiers, the Québec Delegate General in Munich, was at the opening night and took the opportunity to thank the organizers for their strong and continued interest in Québec documentaries.

The five Québec films screened were:

  • Lara Roxx (Mia Donovan)
  • L’or des autres (Simon Plouffe)
  • La nouvelle Rupert (Nicolas Renaud)
  • Ma vie réelle (Magnus Isacsson)
  • Over my Dead Body (Brigitte Poupart)

Directors Mia Donovan, Simon Plouffe, Nicolas Renaud and Sylvain L’Espérance as well as cameraman Martin Duckworth were all in Munich.

The 28th edition of the festival was the most successful since its inception, with over 20,500 tickets sold, an all-time record.

The DOK.guest Québec special was funded by the governments of Bavaria and Québec as part of the cooperation between Québec and Bavaria.

The project was made possible by an initiative of the Québec Government Office in Berlin. The Québec representatives provided support to the festival organizers every step of the way in the production of the Québec special program.

Québec Government Office in Berlin
Québec Government Office in Munich
Cooperation between Québec and Bavaria (French only)

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