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12 Jun 2013

Québec government expertise transferred to Haiti

Stéphanie Von Westarp, Head of Aid p.i., Canadian Embassy in Haiti; Lucien Francoeur, Secretary-General of the Prime Minister’s Office, Government of the Republic of Haiti; Donald Leblanc, Director of International Solidarity – Haiti and Sub-Saharan Africa, MRIFCE

Representatives of the governments of Québec, Canada and Haiti met in Port-au-Prince from June 4 to 6 for the annual meeting of the Joint Committee of Partners of the Haitian Governance Enhancement Project (PARGEP).

The project is the result of a tripartite memorandum of understanding signed in 2007. The goal of PARGEP is to strengthen the capacity of Haiti’s senior public service to take action through the transfer of Québec government expertise.

The meeting led to the adoption of a work plan to guide the interventions of the partners in the coming year.

In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister of Haiti on the occasion, the Minister of International Relations, La Francophonie and External Trade, Jean-François Lisée, reiterated Québec’s commitment to the project: “Québec will continue to be strong supporter of the actions listed in PARGEP’S 2013-2014 work plan. All the government ministers involved share the same enthusiasm and will continue to select the best qualified people in their departments to help Haiti’s public administration.”

Québec government officials have devoted nearly 8,000 hours to this project in order to share their expertise in public administration issues—with which they are also confronted while performing their duties—with their Haitian counterparts.

Québec’s International Policy identifies Haiti as a high-priority country in matters of international solidarity. Most Canadian non-governmental international cooperation organizations working in Haiti come from Québec.

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