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20 Jun 2014

Flavours of Québec showcased at Orlando Food Expo

Jacques Pascal and Isabelle Marquis from Première Moisson talking with three buyers from R&T Foods Inc.

Fifteen Québec companies took part in the International Dairy-Deli-Bake Expo 2013 in Orlando from June 2 to 4.

Assembled by Agri-food Export Group Québec-Canada under the Québec pavilion roof, the companies showcased products as diverse as bakery goods, meats, pastries, chocolates, jams, confectionaries and pasta.

Most of the Québec exhibitors were already established in the United States market and conduct business there.

Their extremely popular booths attracted many industry professionals. This success was in part a result of the marketing efforts of the Québec Government Office in Atlanta (DQA) with some sixty big food chain buyers in the American Southeast.

The representatives of the Québec companies had the opportunity to meet and make new contacts with major industry players, including:

  • Publix (1,000 stores) - head office in Florida
  • United Supermarkets (50 stores) - Texas
  • Piggly Wiggly (77 stores) - South Carolina
  • Atlanta Bread Company (100 restaurants) - Atlanta
  • The Fresh Market (100 stores) - North Carolina

The head offices of all five companies are located in states covered by the DQA.

To help give the Québec companies a better grasp of Orlando’s food market, the DQA also organized visits to the stores of the Whole Foods Market, Walmart Supercenter, Publix and Sedano’s Supermarkets chains.

Each year, the International Dairy-Deli-Bake Expo, the largest fair of its kind in the United States, attracts over 1,600 exhibitors and 8,500 buyers representing over 24,000 supermarkets in 84 countries.

List of participating Québec companies

- Barry Callebaut
- Boulart
- Bridor
- Concord Premium Meats
- Duhaime Gourmet
- Fontaine Santé
- Gaudet Sweet Goods
- Pâtisseries Jessica
- Gourmet Nantel
- La Petite Bretonne
- Les Délices Lafrenaie
- O'Sole Mio
- Olymel
- Première Moisson
- Saputo (specialty cheeses)

Line Lamothe and Christian Brun
from Gaudet Sweet Goods.

Jean Valois from Duhaime Gourmet.

Québec Government Office in Atlanta
Agri-food Export Group
MAPAQ – Markets outside of Québec (in French)
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