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3 Jul 2013

Fête nationale du Québec celebrated from New York City to Tokyo

The Fête nationale was celebrated at enchanting Fulham Palace in London. (Photo: Gemma Spiers)

The Fête nationale du Québec was celebrated on June 24 in a number of cities worldwide that are home to Québec government offices.

In New York City, Delegate General André Boisclair and DGQNY staff marked the occasion by welcoming the Minister for Tourism, Pascal Bérubé, who gave a talk before nearly 150 guests highlighting the tourist attractions of Québec and the QUÉBEC ORIGINAL ad campaign, which is currently underway in New York City and elsewhere.

In Paris, 700 people took part in a folk festival with a concert, DJ and Québec beer tasting organized by the Québec government office. Jean-François Lisée, the Minister of International Relations, La Francophonie and External Trade, attended the event.
In London, 350 people took part in family-oriented celebrations at enchanting Fulham Palace. Québec Agent-General Stéphane Paquet attended the event.
In Barcelona, some one hundred quests attended the celebrations at the Moja Palace, including members of the Barcelona consular corps and representatives of the Catalonian government. Québec artist Ioana Georgescu offered a visual presentation accompanied by musicians Xavier Paradis at the piano and Alan Rodríguez on saxophone.

The Québec Government Office in Rome celebrated the Fête nationale on the terrace of the Circle of Officers of the Armed Forces of Italy. The celebration brought together many political, diplomatic, institutional, economic and culture figures.

In Mumbai, over 230 guests from all walks of life celebrated Québec. The festivities were hosted by Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya, an initiative of the Québec organization Les Jeunes musiciens du monde.
In Tokyo, some fifty guests joined Delegate General Claude-Yves Charron for the celebrations, which this year coincided with the 40th anniversary of the opening of a Québec office in the Japanese capital city.

The Fête nationale of Quebecers is an occasion each year for Québec government offices abroad to highlight the vitality and importance of the relations they maintain in their respective territories. These events are also an opportunity to engage in exchanges and dialogue with economic, political, cultural and academic partners and friends of Québec around the world.
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