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25 Jul 2013

Open source software leader sets up shop in Québec

Linagora, a French company specializing in open source software, has announced that it will be opening a Québec subsidiary this coming fall. The announcement was made in June during a mission to France by Québec’s Minister of Finance and the Economy, Nicolas Marceau.

The Minister pointed out that open source software is gradually being accepted as a reliable and cost-effective option for Québec companies and public organizations.

According to Alexandre Zapolsky, President and CEO of Linagora, “Québec's policy of supporting innovation and businesses, proximity to the American market and the quality of Investissement Québec's support throughout this project were key factors in our decision.”

Linagora’s announcement is the result of close to five years of dialogue with the Québec government office in Paris (DGQP), Montréal International and Investissement Québec.

Substantial economic impact

Linagora is one of Europe’s leading open source software developers. In recent years it has invested substantial amounts in R&D to develop solutions in the areas of collaborative messaging, digital online vaults and identity management.

Linagora’s Québec subsidiary is expected to generate $10 million in investments and 55 new jobs over a three-year period.

Linagora’s President and CEO was part of the delegation of corporate leaders who accompanied French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault during his mission to Québec in March of this year. The trip confirmed the clear strategic interest for Linagora of setting up shop in Québec.

Premier Marois and Linagora President and CEO Alexandre Zapolsky (photo ©Linagora)

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