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17 Sep 2013

Promoting Québec’s educational opportunities in Mexico

Hélène Oeconomo, the representative of the Québec Government Office in Mexico, participated in the 19th meeting of the Mexican National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES) on September 5 and 6. The theme of the meeting was academic and scientific cooperation between Québec and Mexico.

ANNUIES is a group of 175 public and private universities and research centres that are home to 80% of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students in Mexico.

Ms. Oeconomo made a much appreciated presentation entitled “New exchange opportunities and funding mechanisms” to an audience of some fifty people

She presented part of Québec’s higher education and research system, the actors and tools involved in academic internationalization in Québec and examples of new forms of cooperation with Mexico.

A rich history of institutional cooperation

The governments of Québec and Mexico have signed cooperation agreements in the fields of higher education and professional and technical training.

Student exchanges, merit scholarships, the sharing of teaching expertise, and teacher and researcher mobility form the core of these partnerships. Numerous inter-university projects have also been set in motion, including:

Québec Government Office in Mexico
Cooperation between Québec and Mexico

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