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27 Sep 2013

U.S.: Québec enhances its networks of influence

Québec Government Representative in Chicago Éric Marquis, together with the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Finance and the Economy, Alain Therrien, and the MNA for Marquette, François Ouimet, participated in the annual meeting of the Council of State Governments (CSG), held from September 19 to 22 in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Québec representatives were highly active in the CSG International Committee session where Québec Government Representative Éric Marquis gave a presentation entitled “States, Provinces, and International Trade Negotiations: A Québec Perspective.” His talk focused on the following topics:

  • The legal basis for Québec’s international action;
  • Québec’s role in negotiating agreements (e.g., the Canada–European Union Agreement and the Canada–United States Free Trade Agreement);
  • New types of negotiations related to trade and economic integration (Trans-Pacific Partnership and Great Lakes–St. Lawrence economic space – the world’s fourth largest economy in terms of GDP);
  • Québec’s commitment as an open and dynamic economy.

The presentation, which was given before an audience composed of legislators, business people and federal representatives, demonstrated the relevance of Québec’s involvement as a federated state in negotiating international trade agreements. It also provided an excellent opportunity to showcase Québec’s international expertise. It bears noting that unelected representatives rarely take the floor at this forum.

Québec within the CSG

The National Assembly of Québec is a fully participating member of the CSG, the only forum of U.S. states serving all three branches of government (executive, legislative and judicial). The Council gives Québec’s parliamentarians direct access to legislators from across the U.S., thereby enabling them to forge ties and further develop their networks of influence.

MNAs Alain Therrien and François Ouimet with Québec Government Representative in Chicago Éric Marquis, during
Mr. Marquis’s speech at the Council
of State Governments

Québec Government Office in Chicago
Council of State Governments
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