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10 Oct 2013

Québec children’s theatre in the spotlight in Brazil

Luis André Cherubini, Director of the International Theatre Festival for Toddlers in São Paulo; Pierre Tremblay, Festival Petits Bonheurs de Québec; Roberta Lara, BQSP Institutional and Cultural Affairs Attachée; Karen Acioly, Director of ILEF in Rio de Janeiro

Two Québec theatre companies showcased their talents at three Brazilian children’s theatre festivals and at the SESC-SP in
Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Santos from
September 14 to 30, 2013.

The newly founded company Les Incomplètes treated toddlers to their show Édredon while Théâtre de Confettis presented Flots, tout ce qui brille voit, a wonderfully touching piece for the entire family.

Thanks to the initiative of the Québec Government Office in São Paulo (BQSP) and funding from CALQ and MCC, Québec theatre companies were able to present their shows at the 11th International Language Exchange Festival (ILEF) in Rio de Janeiro, the First glance: International Theatre Festival for Toddlers in São Paulo, and the 7th Paidéia International Theatre Festival for Children in São Paulo and SESC-Santos.

Roberta Lara, Institutional and Cultural Affairs Attachée, gave a presentation on Québec’s presence in Brazil at the meeting of International Children’s Festivals, which was held during ILEF.

Composer Patrick Mathieu, who works with the Vox Populi opera/theatre company, was also on hand to participate in a workshop on opera for children.

The Québec Government Office in São Paulo is proud of the success of Québec’s artists—be it in children’s theatre, film or other art forms—and will continue supporting them to ensure they have an opportunity to present their creations in Brazil.

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