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21 Oct 2013

Minister Ouellet promotes Québec's green energy expertise in South Korea

Minister Ouellet expressed her desire for ecological collaboration with the Korean automobile industry. photo: World Energy Congress

Martine Ouellet, Minister of Natural Resources, has returned from a mission in South Korea where she participated in the 22nd World Energy Congress in Daegu and reaffirmed Québec’s leadership in green energies.

Minister Ouellet promoted Québec’s strengths in hydropower and sustainable development there.

“Québec is a leader in green energies. Nearly 50% of our energy is from a renewable source, whereas the global average is 13%. We must continue to harness our clean energy sources and our expertise,” Minister Ouellet explained.

Minister Ouellet also explained Québec's electric transportation priorities and initiatives to energy leaders. The Québec government’s efforts in this area revolve around four goals: accelerate the introduction of electric cars, set up the infrastructure for recharging these vehicles, use electric vehicles for public transportation and develop the electric vehicle industrial cluster.

This congress also provided Québec with a unique opportunity to establish relations with specific key actors in South Korea. The Minister specifically spoke to leaders of international businesses and research centres that are active in the energy sector. One of them was Tae-Yul Cho, South Korea’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Minister also participated in the second joint meeting of francophone ministers of energy coordinated by the International Organization of the La Francophonie, where 13 countries were represented.

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