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1 Nov 2014

Investing in electrification is investing in Québec

*Economic Policy - Putting Jobs First - Transportation Electrification Strategy

Premier Pauline Marois today unveiled the Transportation Electrification Strategy, which includes total investments of $515 million by 2017.

This strategy will spearhead the four strategic initiatives set out in the Economic Policy: Putting Jobs First launched on October 7 by the Premier.

“The goal is to make Québec a world leader in electric transportation. With this exciting project, we can create wealth here in Québec while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions in order to attain our ambitious targets by 2020. On top of this, it moves us closer to energy independence,” said Pauline Marois.

Four main objectives:

  • Focus rapidly on transportation electrification to make Québec a global leader in the field
  • Capitalize on Québec’s expertise in electricity
  • Build the future around a strong, high-performance industry sector
  • Make Québec a model to follow

Main measures with an international scope:

  • Invest $35 million to create the Institut du transport électrique, a world-class hi-tech institute. The government is counting on Québec’s engineering expertise to innovate and to make Québec a preferred place for R&D in transportation electrification.
  • Invest $50 million to attract world-class players in the field of electric transportation and associated systems to Québec, notably a world-class assembler.
  • Encourage research teams from Québec universities and specialized centres to participate in the research and build ties between researchers and industry in Québec and abroad.
  • Use the Institut du transport électrique to disseminate the results of research and development work and promote Québec know-how in order to attract world-renowned researchers to Québec and win national and international mandates.
  • Implement measures to directly help companies to export and to promote Québec expertise internationally.
  • Mobilize Québec government offices abroad and diplomatic efforts for the benefit of Québec’s economy and, more specifically, to develop new markets related to transportation electrification.

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