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30 Jan 2014

Québec confirms its green economy leadership at VerdeXchange conference

Left to right: David Abel, président of VerdeXchnage, Mary Nichols, Chairman of the California Air Resources Board, Daniel Breton and Alain Houde, Québec Delegate in Los Angeles.

The Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier for Transport Electrification, Daniel Breton, presented Québec’s Transportation Electrification Strategy at the seventh edition of the VerdeXchange conference, held in Los Angeles from January 26 to 28. VerdeXchange is a major event aimed at promoting the shift to environmentally friendly technologies and a green economy.

Daniel Breton described the broad principles of the new strategy during a speech to some 200 businesspeople, political decision-makers and experts.

The conference was an excellent forum for Québec to promote its electric vehicle and green energy expertise and bolster its relations with major industry players.

Number-one Canadian market

During the plenary session, Daniel Breton told the audience that Québec is Canada’s leading electric vehicle market, accounting for over 40% of total sales.

He also pointed to the example of large Québec companies that have become clean energy leaders. According to the Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier, “We are setting rules, instituting policies and developing programs and projects with great potential, and they are driving our companies to be innovative, creative and bold.”

He reminded the people in attendance that Québec has one of North America’s best greenhouse gas reduction records, thanks in part to its cap and trade system for GHG allowances (recently harmonized with the California system) and the fact that 98% of its energy comes from hydroelectricity and wind power.

The Conference was also an opportunity for Daniel Breton to speak with Mary Nichols, Chairman of the California Air Resources Board. He told her that Québec is committed to working closely with California in order to promote green vehicles.

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