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31 Jan 2014

Pauline Marois tells MCFR: “Québec is ready for the global recovery”

“We will continue to increase the number of trade missions throughout the world, with the support of the 28 offices in our network abroad, whose vitality is inversely proportional to its size,” said Ms. Marois.

Premier Pauline Marois addressed the Montréal Council on Foreign Relations (MCFR) yesterday on the topic QUÉBEC: READY FOR THE GLOBAL RECOVERY.

The Premier’s address, which was part of the Politics Series, launched the MCFR’s 30th year of activities.

Ms. Marois provided an overview of her government’s economic vision. “Last fall, we presented a very ambitious, proactive economic policy. It will help create 115,000 jobs and result in $7.6 billion in investments over three years,” said Ms. Marois.

“I am convinced that Québec is ready for the global recovery,” added Ms. Marois.

“To achieve this, we will need to rely on our metropolis. Montréal is the flagship of our economy. It is a university city that excels in knowledge and innovation, a creative hub, and the host city of the consular corps and prestigious international organizations: Montréal’s success and the success of all of Québec are inextricably linked. One thing, however, is crucial: that is to ensure that the recovery brings strong job creation along with it,” she continued.

Ms. Marois presented the Transportation Electrification Strategy as the “new niche of excellence that Québec must secure (...). This visionary project will result in increased wealth and job creation at home. We will replace imported oil with clean energy produced in Québec. That will also bring us closer to energy independence.”

“There is much work ahead of us in terms of job creation, productivity, innovation, our trade deficit and the state of our public finances. But we must not give up in the face of the task’s magnitude. We need to mobilize. Nothing justifies negative discourse,” concluded Ms. Marois.

The Premier’s speech (in French)

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