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6 Feb 2014

Québec circus company The 7 Fingers at the Sochi Olympics!

Québec circus company Les 7 doigts de la main / The 7 Fingers will stage one of the three presentations featured during the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony on Friday, February 7

7 Fingers co-founder Sébastien Soldevila has been working for a year and a half on designing the presentation, which will be composed of 600 dancers, gymnasts, acrobats and children.

The 7 Fingers will face a number of major challenges, including manipulating objects over 15 metres in size, coordinating 600 people and dealing with the language and culture barrier. “The biggest challenge and greatest thrill for me will be the human experience, the contact with volunteers, and the joy of bringing so many people into the project,” explains Sébastien Soldevila.

This will mark the third time that the group performs at Olympic Games. In 2006, The 7 Fingers participated in the Turin Olympics closing ceremony. In 2010, in Vancouver, the troupe dazzled visitors at the Québec House with 160 performances spanning the 16 days of the games and a presentation during the freestyle skiing medals ceremony.

It is estimated that the opening ceremony will be viewed by a television audience of roughly 500 million.

Québec will also be in the spotlight at the closing ceremony on February 23 since the Québec circus company Finzi Pasca will be in charge of organizing the ceremony.

The 7 Fingers
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