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10 Apr 2014

New social security agreement between Québec and Germany

Québec and Germany have been bound by a new social security agreement since April 1.

With the coming-into-force of the new agreement, people in Québec and Germany continue to be eligible for the benefits covered by the previous accord, signed in 1987. In addition, they can take advantage of coordinated coverage in the event of work accidents and occupational diseases.

The new text also allows German and Québec companies to continue to contribute to their home territory’s plan for work accidents and occupational diseases, without having to contribute as well to the plan in their host territory.

This comparative advantage will benefit both Québec companies, which will be more competitive, and German firms.

The new clauses will help encourage labour mobility between Québec and Germany.

Since 1979, Québec has signed reciprocal social security agreements with 32 countries.
Québec government office in Munich (DGQM)

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