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24 Apr 2014

Symposium on the Québec–California carbon market

Glen MacDonald, Director, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability; Nadia Scipio del Campo, Consul, Consulate General of Canada, Los Angeles; and Alain Houde, Québec Government Representative, Los Angeles

The UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, at the instigation of the Québec Government in Los Angeles, organized a symposium on March 31 on the Québec-California carbon market entitled “Linking Cap and Trade as a Path to Global Climate Action?”

Québec Government Representative Alain Houde and IoES Director Glen MacDonald gave the opening addresses while MDDEFP Carbon Market Director Jean-Yves Benoit participated in the plenary session together with California Air Resources Board (CARB) Assistant Executive Officer Michael Gibbs.

Messrs. Benoit and Gibbs presented the various steps taken to link the two greenhouse gas cap-and-trade systems in order to create the largest carbon market in the Americas.

The objectives of the symposium were to:

  • Promote and demystify the carbon market
  • Foster relations between Québec and California academics
  • Promote Québec environmental initiatives
  • Contribute to the development of public environmental policies

The event attracted over 70 people from the academic, political and economic spheres.


Some fifteen experts were invited to present the carbon market from various political, legal and economic perspectives, including two Québec university professors: Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné, International Economics and Governance Chair, HEC Montréal, and Érick Lachapelle, Associate Professor, Political Science Department, Université de Montréal.

The two professors will write a paper that will be published in the UCLA Environment Law Journal. Collaborative projects between Université de Montréal and UCLA are also being considered.

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