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16 Jan 2009

Business Opportunities for Québec companies at the London Olympics

The London Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 represents a huge opportunity for businesses around the world. From catering, to construction; business services to transport infrastructure, companies across all sectors should now start to think about how they can invest in London.

Think London, the foreign direct investment agency for London, can offer support and advice to Québec companies looking to take advantage of such opportunities and gain clarity into the Olympic procurement process.

“London also offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses looking to globalise their operation. With fast access to a range of customers, markets, ideas and finance, it is geared to operate on a global scale and is the perfect springboard for growth,” says Pru Ashby, Think London Business Development Manager for North America.

The London economy is forecast to grow by $80 billion by 2015, with the Games set to contribute $8 billion worth of investment over the next four years. Five hundred 2012 business contracts have already been awarded, out of a total of 70,000 contracts that businesses around the world can compete for.

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To find out more, contact the Québec Government Office in London or Think London.
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