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22 Jan 2009

A new Web site for Haiti

The Haitian governance enhancement project known as PARGEP recently launched a Web site. The site is dedicated to the support project in Haiti implemented by ENAP, Québec’s national school of public administration, on which the Québec, Canadian and Haitian governments are collaborating.

The site specifically presents the project’s objectives, implementation and management methods, as well as project progress. It also provides useful documentation and links to the various government authorities participating in the project.

The project assists in the deployment of planning and coordination mechanisms for government action, professional public service, sound public finance management and administrative reform.

It should be noted that PARGEP was created from the desire of Québec, Canada and Haiti to work together toward better governance in Haiti. Québec’s public administration expertise is provided through ENAP to the Haitian government in order to support the country in the modernization process.

PARGEP (in French)
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