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1 Apr 2009

Sustainable development action plan for 2009-2013

The Ministère des Relations internationales (MRI) has just released its first sustainable development action plan, which sets forth the efforts that the department plans to prioritize in order to contribute to the Government Sustainable Development Strategy for 2008-2013. The MRI’s sustainable development contribution is adapted to the department’s special mission and will mobilize all of its resources, in Québec and abroad.

The efforts earmarked in the action plan are aligned with the role of the MRI. They focus on aspects such as favouring the international impact of Québec’s sustainable development expertise (e.g., by making people aware of the Government Sustainable Development Strategy and Québec initiatives abroad, and encouraging the participation of Québec experts in international forums). The MRI also plans to step up Québec’s international partnerships in the area of sustainable development. Efforts will be devoted to bolstering collaboration with international organizations and cooperation with other governments, and to promoting new international commitments.

The action plan also targets management of the MRI, which is committed to integrating sustainable development into its operations and to training and mobilizing its personnel in the area of sustainable development principles.

The eight target actions set forth in the plan correspond to four of the strategic directions contained in the Government Sustainable Development Strategy, which has been in effect for the past year. The government strategy flows from the Sustainable Development Act, adopted in April 2006. The National Assembly of Québec was one of the world’s first political bodies to pass a law of this type.

MRI sustainable development action plan, 2009-2013 (in French)
Government Sustainable Development Strategy, 2008-2013
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