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14 Apr 2009

Update on second year of Québec’s International Policy

An update on the second year (2007-2008) of Québec’s International Policy is now available on the website of the Ministère des Relations internationales (MRI). In addition to summarizing the status of some 70 measures and initiatives set out in the 2006-2009 action plan arising from the Policy, the report confirms the value of the concerted international action taken by partner departments and agencies and emphasizes Québec’s range of action.

Among achievements in 2007-2008, Québec’s representative within Canada’s permanent delegation to UNESCO took part in a number of the organization’s initiatives falling within Québec’s jurisdiction. As regards wealth creation, economic missions to high-potential markets such as Mexico, Japan, China and Brazil provided opportunities to increase scientific and technological cooperation with those countries. Stepping up its efforts in the area of security, Québec concluded negotiations enabling Quebecers entering the US to use the improved driver’s licence as an alternative to the passport.

In terms of cultural identity, funding allocated for the dissemination and distribution of cultural works facilitated the organization a number of major events, including those spotlighting Québec in Italy and Flanders (Belgium). In the international solidarity field, a project designed to strengthen public administration in Haiti was implemented following the November 2007 signing of an agreement between Québec, the Canadian International Development Agency and Haiti. The project was initiated by the Centre for the International Promotion of Quebec Public Expertise (CVI), affiliated with the National School of Public Administration (ENAP).

In addition to opening a new office in São Paulo, the Government of Québec appointed a new Bureau Director in Mumbai and enhanced its presence in the US, Europe and Asia. These measures complete the restructuring of Québec’s international network of offices set out in the 2006-2009 action plan.

Unveiled in 2006, Québec’s International Policy has five main goals: strengthening Québec’s range of action and influence; promoting Québec’s growth and prosperity; contributing to the security of Québec and the North American continent; promoting Québec’s identity and culture; and contributing to international solidarity efforts.

2007-2008 Status report (2 MB, in French)
Québec’s International Policy
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