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1 May 2009

US consulate celebrates its 175th anniversary in Québec

Left to right: Jacques Joli-Cœur, Deputy Mayor of Québec City; Lee McClenny, US Consul General in Montréal; Pierre Duchesne, Lieutenant Governor of Québec; Edwin Nolan, Director of Canadian Affairs, US State Department; Terry Breese, Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy in Ottawa; Pierre Arcand, Minister of International Relations and Minister Responsible for La Francophonie; and David Fetter, US Consul General in Québec City.

On April 30, David Fetter, US Consul General in Québec City, unveiled a plaque commemorating the 175th anniversary of the US’s consular presence in Québec at a ceremony attended by Pierre Arcand, Minister of International Relations and Minister Responsible for La Francophonie.

To mark the occasion, Premier Jean Charest and Mr. Arcand also tabled a motion in the National Assembly.

“Québec has maintained diplomatic relations with the United States for many years. This anniversary provides an opportunity for us to reflect on our longstanding partnership, our strong economic ties and our common border—all signs of our openness and mutual trust. Our bonds of friendship run deep, particularly since millions of Americans can trace their ancestry back to Québec. Over the past 175 years, the US consulate in Québec City has certainly contributed to strengthening this unique relationship,” said Mr. Charest.

The US government’s representatives in Québec play a key role in developing partnerships in strategic areas such as the economy, energy, environmental protection, security, culture and education.

“Today is not only a time to reflect on our shared history, but also to look to the future as we reaffirm our commitment and desire to work closely with our American partners,” said Mr. Arcand.

Québec is the only Canadian province with two US consulates (Québec City and Montréal). The consulate in Québec City is the second oldest of the US’s diplomatic and consular offices in Canada. In addition, the US and France are the only countries that maintain two consular offices in Québec.

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