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8 May 2009

LOJIQ and the Assembly of European Regions sign a joint declaration

International relations minister Pierre Arcand with AER president Michèle Sabban and LOJIQ director Alfred Pilon.

On May 6, Québec’s International Youth Offices (LOJIQ) reached an agreement with the Assembly of European Regions (AER) aimed at facilitating the international mobility of young people in Québec and the AER member regions. A joint declaration to this effect was signed in the National Assembly by LOJIQ director Alfred Pilon and AER president Michèle Sabban.

The AER comprises more than 270 regions in 33 countries as well as 13 interregional organizations. Its primary mission is to promote the principle of subsidiarity and regional democracy and to increase the regions’ political influence within European institutions. The organization has implemented a number of programs targeting young people, beginning in 1985 with Eurodyssey, which aims to facilitate young Europeans’ integration in the labour market by providing them with opportunities to acquire professional experience in other countries.

Providing a unified management structure for the Québec/Americas Office for Youth (OQAJ), the France/Québec Office for Youth (OFQJ) and the Québec/Wallonia-Brussels Office for Youth (OQWBJ), LOJIQ serves as a one-stop international mobility service centre. Created by the Government of Québec and confirmed by its Youth Action Strategy and International Policy, the organization seeks to foster the international mobility of young Quebecers and their counterparts in other countries.

Ms. Sabban noted that the Québec government plans to create a fourth agency, the Québec-World Office for Youth (OQMJ), which will be authorized to formalize agreements in every country and region of the world, particularly in those parts of Europe that are not currently served by the existing system. Following the adoption of the legislation creating the OQMJ, the AER and LOJIQ have agreed to initiate the formal process of creating closer ties between the AER, the Eurodyssey program and LOJIQ’s member offices.

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