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25 May 2009

Québec’s International Policy: 2009-2014 Action Plan

Pierre Arcand, Minister of International Relations and Minister responsible for La Francophonie, released the 2009-2014 Action Plan adopted under Québec’s International Policy at a conference lunch hosted on May 25 by the Montréal Council on Foreign Relations (CORIM). In the words of Minister Arcand, “This Action Plan, which is the result of broad collaboration between government departments in various sectors, ensures synergy with respect to international efforts deployed by the government as a whole, and thus bolsters Québec’s capacity for influence and action abroad.”

The 2009-2014 Action Plan continues the work launched by the 2006-2009 Action Plan, taking into account the swift transformation of the international environment, trade globalization, the current economic context and the impact of these factors on Québec. It presents the most promising projects in the current context and updates Québec’s positioning on the world stage.

The Action Plan comprises a series of measures prepared by 15 Québec government departments and agencies. It will be deployed with the support of the Ministère des Relations internationales and the network of Québec government offices in foreign countries.

The Action Plan will allow Québec to position itself more effectively with respect to foreign prospecting and promotion. Québec currently has a network of 28 government offices in 17 countries. According to Minister Arcand, “Québec’s network of offices abroad is one of its main tools for action in the world. More than ever, Québec diplomacy is essential for our economic, social and cultural development.”

An additional $40 million in credits over five years ($8 million per year) will be invested to this end, in addition to the $350 million per year already earmarked by Québec for international action.

The measures included in the new Action Plan cover five broad areas:

  • support for Québec’s prosperity;
  • Québec’s international efforts with respect to the United States;
  • education, knowledge and support for youth;
  • the foreign impact of Québec and its culture;
  • the Government of Québec’s capacity for action and influence, and international solidarity.

Consult the 2009-2014 Action Plan (in French)
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