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2 Jun 2009

Québec-France agreement: lawyers get the green light

Premier Jean Charest attended the signing of a professional qualifications mutual recognition arrangement (MRA) between the Québec Bar and the National Bar Council of France. The signing took place at the Québec Bar’s annual convention on May 30. The new arrangement was reached in conjunction with the Québec-France Agreement signed in October, 2008, and seeks to provide greater mobility for lawyers between Québec and France.

The announcement brings to seventeen the number of MRAs that have been signed so far between professional orders and trades in France and Québec. Around 100 similar agreements are expected to be signed between authorities in France and Québec by the end of 2010, thereby giving faster and easier access to the regulated trades and professions concerned.

“I am extremely proud to attend the signing of this agreement today. I commend the Québec and French Bar associations for the vitality they displayed throughout the process and that led to today’s announcement. This event stems from an unprecedented agreement between Québec and France on the recognition of professional qualifications, one of the five mainstays of the new trade zone for Québec that we have been promoting for over two years, both at home and abroad. This extensive plan is intended to ensure Québec’s full participation in the 21st century. It is a way for our government to help stimulate the economy and employment in Québec,” said the Premier.

It should be recalled that on October 17, 2008, Québec and France signed an agreement on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications to allow professionals and tradespersons to practice their profession or trade in the new trade zone.

Québec-France Agreement on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications
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