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9 Jun 2009

Québec-France agreement adopted by the National Assembly

Photo: Jean Désy

Québec’s National Assembly adopted a bill on June 9 implementing the Québec-France agreement on mutual recognition of professional qualifications, as well as other agreements of the same nature. The legislation reflects the commitments made in October 2008 by Premier Charest and President Sarkozy aimed at facilitating and expediting the granting of permits to practice a regulated profession or trade on both sides of the Atlantic.

“The adoption of this bill marks an important step in this historic agreement since it reinforces Québec’s presence on the international stage and enables us to fully exercise our economic powers,” said International Relations Minister Pierre Arcand.

Since the agreement was signed, mutual recognition arrangements have been finalized for 18 trades and professions. The most recent was signed on June 9 in France between the Québec and French Orders of Land Surveyors (OAG/OGE). Approximately 100 such agreements are expected to be signed by the French and Québec authorities by 2010, providing quicker and easier access to these regulated trades and professions.

The Québec-France mutual recognition agreement is one of the five cornerstones of Québec’s new economic space, a large-scale plan designed to stimulate the economy and employment.

Québec-France agreement on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications
Québec’s new economic space
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