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9 Jun 2009

Haiti: ENAP-OAS cooperation agreement

Marcel Proulx and José Miguel Insulza signing the agreement. Behind them, Ambassador Graeme Clark, Immigration Minister Yolande James and Consul General Pierre-Richard Casimir.

During a ceremony held in Montréal on June 8, José Miguel Insulza, Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), and Marcel Proulx, Director General of Québec’s National School of Public Administration (ENAP), signed a cooperation agreement concerning the modernization and integration of Haiti’s civil status records. Also attending were Yolande James, Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities, Pierre-Richard Casimir, Consul General of Haiti, and Graeme Clark, Canada’s Ambassador to the OAS.

Coordinated by the ENAP-affiliated Centre for the International Promotion of Québec Public Expertise (CVIEPQ), this cooperation initiative will establish a modern legal framework enabling Haiti to manage its civil status records and will provide training for the National Identification Office’s managerial staff. It will also contribute to efforts aimed at integrating the country’s civil status records with other public services so that Haitian citizens have access to these services.

“This cooperation agreement is a fine example of an initiative designed to promote Québec’s public administration expertise while supporting the Haitian government’s efforts to strengthen its civil service and improve public services for Haitian citizens,” said Ms. James. Mr. Proulx added: “The signing of this agreement attests to the CVIEPQ’s key role in transferring public administration knowledge and establishing partnerships with major institutions such as the OAS and the Canadian International Development Agency.”

According to Mr. Insulza, “As a result of this agreement with the ENAP, support for Haiti’s development is now a shared priority for the OAS, Canada and Québec.” He also took the opportunity to thank the Government of Québec, which recently assigned a staff member to the OAS’s headquarters in Washington, DC to coordinate the General Secretariat’s efforts in Haiti. Under Québec’s International Policy, Haiti is a top-priority country in the area of international solidarity.

Founded in 2007, the CVIEPQ is the result of a partnership between the Ministère des Relations internationales (MRI), the Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation (MDEIE) and the ENAP established under Québec’s International Policy action plan. The CVIEPQ seeks to promote Québec’s public administration expertise in the international arena by providing governments with access to the know-how of Québec’s senior civil servants.

The Government of Québec, through its office in Washington, takes part in Canada’s mission to the OAS in various areas of interest to Québec, including public safety, culture, social development, education, justice, youth policy and labour issues.

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