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20 Aug 2009

Climate change: Japan expresses interest in carbon tax system

Left to right: Robert Noël de Tilly, Special Advisor to the Climate Change Bureau (MDDEP); Akira Yokoyama, Chuo University’s Faculty of Policy Studies; Charles Larochelle, Assistant Deputy Minister for Climate Change (MDDEP); Yoshitake Yamaguchi, Planning Director for Local Tax (MIC). Photo : Siasia Morel, MRI

A Japanese delegation visited Québec City on August 19 to study Québec’s carbon tax system implemented in 2007. The first initiative of its kind in North America, the carbon tax system assigns a role to energy distribution companies as part of the provincial government’s climate change efforts.

The delegation consisted of Yoshitake Yamaguchi, Planning Director for Local Tax in Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), and Professor Akira Yokoyama, of Chuo University’s Faculty of Policy Studies. In addition to examining Québec’s overall environmental approach, the delegation sought to determine the goals, conditions and impacts of implementing the carbon tax policy.

The delegation met with experts and stakeholders associated with Québec’s carbon tax system, including Charles Larochelle, Deputy Assistant Minister for Climate Change, Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP); Dany Lemieux, Director, Energy Sector, EcoRessources Consultants; and Paule Halley, Canada Research Chair in Environmental Law and Professor of Law at Laval University.

The carbon tax system is a funding mechanism for the Green Fund, which aims to support the implementation of the Climate Change Action Plan adopted by the Government of Québec in 2006.

The visit, coordinated by the Ministère des Relations internationales (MRI), is part of a campaign to promote Québec’s climate change leadership role at various levels of the Japanese government.

2006-2012 Climate Change Action Plan
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