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3 Sep 2009

Minister Arcand in Spain: commercial and cultural activities on the program

During a mission to Madrid, Barcelona and Tàrrega starting on September 7, the Minister of International Relations and Minister responsible for La Francophonie, Pierre Arcand, will meet with no less than 15 high-profile political figures and participate in industrial and cultural tours. This mission was specifically planned as part of the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Québec Government Office in Barcelona.

Mr. Arcand will honour this anniversary at a reception on Wednesday, September 9, where he will announce new cooperative projects between Québec and Catalonia and take stock of this mutually beneficial relationship, which is based on several sectoral agreements in areas such as administration, health, language, public safety, energy, economy and the mobility of young people. In Barcelona, Mr. Arcand will meet the Catalonian President, José Montilla, as well as the head of the opposition, Artur Mas, among other notable figures, and participate in the festivities of Catalonia’s official holiday on September 11.

The Minister will also travel to Tàrrega, where he will participate in the performance arts festival of that city, which is attended by distributors from around the world. This year, thanks to support from the Québec government, street and circus performers will be in the spotlight, and recent creations by three Québec companies will be performed. In Madrid, the Minister will meet prominent political and economic figures.

“Spain’s strategic position in Europe and its leadership in areas such as the economy, technology, culture and tourism make it an excellent partner for the development of exports and promotion of Québec culture and expertise. It is important to note that Québec is responsible for 40% of Canada’s exports to Spain. But Catalonia also faces the same social challenges as Québec, including cultural and linguistic identity, cultural diversity, immigrant integration and technology development. I hope that this mission makes it possible to review these issues and strengthen our relations so that more trade and cooperation can be achieved,” said the Minister.

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