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22 Mar 2010

Québec involved in Haitian rebuilding

Minister Pierre Arcand.

Pierre Arcand, Minister of International Relations and Minister responsible for La Francophonie, will chair a ministerial committee on rebuilding Haiti and a meeting with civil society partners active in the Caribbean country.

Committee of ministers

Give the scope of the necessary reconstruction, a ministerial committee has been created to coordinate efforts by the Québec government. It is made up of ministers whose teams are directly involved in rebuilding Haiti, namely Yolande James, Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities, Michelle Courchesne, Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports, and Lise Thériault, Minister for Social Services. Maryse Gaudreault, member of the National Assembly for Hull and parliamentary assistant to the Minister of International Relations, and Emmanuel Dubourg, MNA for Viau and government coordinator for Haiti, are also part of the committee of ministers.

The committee’s role is to define the strategic orientations for Québec’s efforts in Haiti and coordinate the deployment of the ensuing measures. The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 23.

Consultation with partners

A consultation meeting with over 60 civil society partners active in Haiti will be held on March 22 in Montréal. The partners are involved in the institutional, municipal, education and health sectors. The purpose of the consultation is to orient and coordinate efforts in Haiti by the government and its partners.

According to Minister Arcand, “The consultation will allow us to benefit from the experience of our partners who are already active in Haiti. This information will then help us orient our effects, effectively and coherently. We will work closely with civil society partners involved in the rebuilding, in order to meet Haitians’ needs. It is thus imperative to coordinate our collective efforts.”

Québec’s participation

Representatives of the Government of Québec will also take part this week in the International Conference of World Cities and Regions for Haiti, in Fort-de-France, the Haitian Diaspora Forum held by the Organization of American States, in Washington, and a UNESCO forum on rebuilding Haiti, in Paris.

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