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25 Mar 2010

Haiti: Québec attends Donors’ Conference in New York

Pierre Arcand, Minister of International Relations and Minister Responsible for La Francophonie, announces that Maryse Gaudreault, Member of the National Assembly for Hull and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of International Relations, will be representing Québec at the International Donors’ Conference for Haiti in New York on March 31. She will be joined by Robert Keating, Assistant Deputy Minister in the Bilateral Affairs Branch of the Ministère des Relations internationales (MRI).

Ms. Gaudreault took part in the International Donors’ Conference for Haiti in Washington on April 14, 2009. She also undertook a mission to Haiti in May 2009, where she represented the Government of Québec at the annual meeting of the tripartite committee (Québec-Canada-Haiti) under the auspices of the Haitian Public Administration Support Program (Programme d'appui au renforcement de la gestion publique/PARGEP).

Ms. Gaudreault also serves on the committee chaired by Mr. Arcand made up of ministers whose teams are directly involved in reconstruction efforts in Haiti. The committee is mandated with defining the strategic focus of Québec’s initiatives in Haiti and coordinating implementation of the related measures. The committee’s inaugural meeting was on March 23.

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