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31 Mar 2010

Québec puppeteers win fans in Catalonian capital

Québec puppeteers’ creativity and know-how were in the spotlight on March 25 in Barcelona. The exhibition Une Fenêtre ouverte sur les marionnettes du Québec “(“An open window on Québec puppets”), prepared by the Association québécoise des marionnettistes (AQM), opened the premiere edition of the Títelles Objetes Teatre (T•O•T) festival in the Catalonian capital. The premiere edition of the festival drew thousands of visitors of all ages.

T•O•T ran from March 21 to 28. Dedicated to puppetry, street arts and theatre, it was held to coincide with World Puppetry Day, celebrated on March 21. It was the perfect backdrop for the AQM’s Québec puppet exhibition, presented at Poble Espanyol, an open-air space located on Montjuïc, a hill overlooking Barcelona.

A number of personalities attended the festive event, including Claude Fleury, Director of the Québec government office in Barcelona, and Jacques Trudeau, General Secretary of the Union internationale de la marionnette (UNIMA). Exhibition curator Isabelle Cadieux and Denise Babin of the AQM were there to express their views about puppetry in Québec. Journalists from media such as the daily El periódico de Catalunya also attended the launch.

Fifteen Québec puppetry artists and troupes were represented at the 400-square-metre exhibition, including Micheline Legendre, Félix Mirbt, Théâtre de l’Œil, Théâtre Sans fil, Théâtre de la Dame and L'Illusion, Théâtre de marionnettes. The exhibition was previously presented in Spain in 2009, drawing crowds during the Titirijai de Tolosa puppetry festival — a cultural “must” held in the Basque country.

The exhibition runs until May 24 at the Fran Daurel Foundation contemporary art museum.

The Québec government office in Barcelona provided support for the staging of Une Fenêtre ouverte sur les marionnettes du Québec in the Catalonian capital.

Québec government office in Barcelona
Association québécoise des marionnettistes (in French)
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