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26 Apr 2010

Education: Québec-Shanghai cooperation

The agreement was signed by Brigitte Guay, Assistant Deputy Minister, MELS, and Li Xuanhai, Assistant Director General, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Photo: MELS

The Government of Québec and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission plan to continue and expand their cooperation in the education sector, a key aspect of Québec-China relations. A statement to that effect was signed with the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir and du Sport (MELS) on April 12 during a Chinese delegation’s visit to Québec City.

Education is one of the cornerstones of Québec-China relations, with efforts in this area dating back to 1980, when an agreement was signed with the central Chinese government. The City of Shanghai also plays a key role due to its 25-year-old “twin cities” relationship with Montréal.

Under the first Québec-Shanghai declaration (signed in 2003), Québec secondary school students took part in the International Sister Cities Youth Camp, a summer activity designed to familiarize young people from around the world with Chinese language and culture. Participants from Québec will also be taking part in the Shanghai International Youth Science and Technology Exhibition, which will run from July 13-17, 2010. In addition, the 2003 declaration helped to establish cooperation links between educational institutions at the primary, secondary, college and university levels in Québec and Shanghai.

Québec and Shanghai now hope to foster closer ties between professional and technical training institutions. The new declaration also touches on language learning and student/faculty exchanges and internships.

The twinning of Montréal and Shanghai has strengthened cooperation links with China’s largest city. The City of Montréal will be participating in the Shanghai Universal Exhibition, which opens in May under the theme of “Better City, Better Life”. Pierre Arcand, Minister of International Relations and Minister Responsible for La Francophonie, will be attending the official inauguration of Espace Montréal (located in the best urban practices zone), which will showcase the Saint Michel environmental complex.

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