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6 Jul 2010

Aid to Haïti

Pierre Arcand, Minister of International Relations, and Emmanuel Dubourg, MNA for Viau and government coordinator for Haiti.

Special financial support in the amount of $10,000 for the Regroupement des organismes canado-haïtiens pour le développement (ROCAHD) was announced today by the Minister of International Relations and Minister Responsible for La Francophonie, Pierre Arcand. The funds will be used to assess the needs and priorities of partners in Haiti.

“The mission I carried out in Haiti last April enabled me to see not only the extent of the country’s needs that still have not been met, but also the unshakeable will of the Haitian people to participate in rebuilding their country. The contribution of the Haitian community in Québec and the throughout the world remains crucial to the country’s recovery. We want to support ROCAHD in its endeavours to provide opportunities for the Haitian diaspora to take concrete action in Haiti,” said Minister Arcand.

A new action plan

Minister Arcand intends to propose an action plan to the Council of Ministers to guide Québec’s intervention in Haiti. He will base his recommendations on
on-site consultations with the diaspora and Québec partners active in Haiti.

The action plan is currently being developed and will focus primarily on 2 sectors: sharing of expertise and support for civil society. The plan will focus on the following 5 points:

    • Creation of a school for professional development;
    • Availability of Québec’s expertise in the area of health;
    • Creation of a Haitian entrepreneurial fund;
    • Cadastre and property rights infrastructure;
    • Support for economic development.

Aid on several fronts

Since the earthquake, the Québec government has undertaken several initiatives to provide emergency aid to Haiti. Québec Premier Jean Charest has met with his counterpart in Haiti, Jean-Max Bellerive on a number of occasions since the quake to make certain that Québec’s actions are adequately responding to the country’s needs.
Our actions