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30 Jul 2010

2010 Québec-Japan Award

Martin Jolicoeur, <i>Les Affaires</i>, journalist.

The winner of the 2010 Québec-Japan Award is Les Affaires journalist Martin Jolicoeur. The award will enable him to spend about ten days in Japan to prepare a series of reports on the development of the country’s aeronautics industry as well as on issues relating to it and its future prospects.

Mr. Jolicoeur believes that the reports will give Québec companies in the aeronautics sector a better idea of business opportunities in Japan. During his stay, he intends to focus on Japan’s aeronautics industry in order to:

    • provide an overview of its development;
    • examine its weak points;
    • determine key elements that could contribute to its success.

In his project description, he stresses that Japan is renowned for its expertise and the efficiency of its production methods in various industrial sectors. Japanese companies have been active in the aeronautics sector manufacturing aircraft components for a number of years. Today, major companies such as Toyota and Mitsubishi are working to develop a full range of products including the production of commercial aircraft.

The Québec-Japan Award

The Québec-Japan Award was created in 2003 to mark the 30th anniversary of Québec’s presence in Tokyo. Since then, it has provided an opportunity for seven journalists from Québec to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun. This annual award is made possible through the collaboration of:

    • MRI (Ministère des Relations internationales),
    • FPJQ (Professional federation of Québec journalists)
    • FPCOJ (Foreign Press Center of Japan).

Offered alternately by the FPCOJ and the MRI, the stipend covers air travel, living expenses and interpretation services. The professional federation of Québec journalists oversees the program and, in that capacity, participates in the first jury selection with the MRI.

The Foreign Press Center of Japan makes the final selection of the journalist and collaborates in organizing the program in Japan. Extensive support is also provided to award winners by the Québec Government Office in Tokyo.

FPJQ (Professional federation of Québec journalists)
Québec Government Office in Tokyo
Québec-Japan Relations
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